Friday, August 22, 2014


Drinking again
I stumbled out the swinging doors
And shouted curses to the man
That threw me out … again.
“Closing time. You better go home.” he shouted.
I told him where to go.
Where am I?
Where is home?
I need a drink.
I’ll find a bar.
Wait a minute.
Where’s my car?
Oh yeah,
I don’t drive.
They took it away
To keep me alive.
“What do they know?”
I shouted to a tree.
“I’m serphicly phober!”
I stumbled on,
Totally tripped.
I couldn’t remember
What happened last.
I saw bright lights,
A neon sign,
No it’s moving.
It’s coming my way.
As I fly through the air,
Listen to what I say.
Drinking is wrong.
But I didn’t drive.
Hoping to keep someone alive.
Still I’m lying here,
In my own blood.
Because I chose to drink.

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