Friday, August 22, 2014


Sins of the past

You’re so close,
And yet so afar.
Here in my heart,
Pure bliss.
In my mind,
As I dream of this.
A past filled with memories,
Hope building into a fire,
Fanning my desire.
To go back to a life long forgotten,
Plain desperation,
Silent hesitation,
Pondering the moment.
Fear building,
Inside of me.
Passion, faithful,
Pain growing,
Who’s to blame?
A time long ago past,
Is my only refuge.
I go to at last,
To escape into freedom,
From long ago sins.
Forever learning life begins,
Where it once ended.
Trying to set me free,
But still,
I am bound to eternity.
Wandering alone,
Until my past does embrace me,
Taking me home.
Into your arms,
Freedom at last,
From the sins of the past.

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