Friday, August 22, 2014



I could sleep for a thousand years and not escape the emptiness I feel without him. the world is so cold outside of his embrace. Without his innocent smile, darkness surrounds me. Eternity has never looked so dim, so dark, so depressing as it does now that I am faced with a life cast away from my love, my light, and my hope.
I can not bare the thought of a life without his tender embrace. My black ice heart is breaking. I’ve never felt such agony as I do now. I long for his touch, his lips on mine, our eyes locked together as the world melts away around us. But, it can never be so. He is long gone by now, perhaps even in love with another. The mere thought causes tears to stream down my face.
I stand on the edge of the abyss. So completely alone, I look out across the empty world, praying for his return. Yet I know, should I continue on this eternal path without him, I will gladly end my own suffering. What good is the salvation of the damned when love can’t even save me? Here I am, falling into endless darkness, completely unsure with desperation. Do I deserve to be saved? If not, let me die quickly. If so, catch me as I fall from grace.

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