Friday, August 22, 2014


The way I loved you was unconditionally
But still you chose her over me
I’ll never understand
As I hold this gun in my hand
I raise it in silent air
And bury it in my hair
I’m so sorry I whisper to the night
A bullet in my brain and I’ll be alright
Before the gun could make a sound
He called my name
I turned around
Don’t do it please he said
I dropped to my knees
So instead of me
I shot him
So I’ll never be hurt by him again
But as I pull him out the door
There is his girl standing in horror
You shot him he’s dead
She called to me
Shut up you’re next I said calmly
So I took out the gun
She began to run
My perfect aim
Shattered through her brain
But before I could turn the gun on me
The cops came quickly
So now I’m here
Surrounded by white
They think I’m crazy
They’re right.

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